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Greg Allen & Chris Allen, President and Vice President

Greg Allen has been in the heating and air conditioning field for over 30 years. Greg grew up in the heart of Alexandria, Virginia and his career in heating and air conditioning started in Washington, DC.  After many years of working in the city, Greg decided to move to Delaware. Once in Delaware, Greg opened A & A Air Services in 1987. He started as a one man and a truck operation and has grown over the years into one of the larger heating and air conditioning companies on the shore. While growing his business Greg and his wife Pam raised 3 children, Chris, Mindy & Chelsea. As Chris got older, Chris started working in the family business. Over the last 7 years Chris has taken over the day to day operations of A & A Air Services. Mindy has also taken part in the family business, by managing the Service Department. Chelsea just graduated college and works for the Milford School District. In 2005 Greg & Pam also adopted a little boy, who is now 7 years old. Matthew attends 4th grade at The Jefferson School and loves every minute of being able to come into Daddy’s office.

Office Staff


Here at A&A we have a wonderful office staff and we are honored to tell you a little about everyone.


Ms. Ruth: Office Manager, assistant to Greg and Chris. Ms. Ruth has worked for A & A for over 15 years now. She is a native to Selbyville, enjoys reading and spending time with her grandchildren. Ms. Ruth has 2 children and 4 grandchildren and 2 great- grand child.


Roy Lowe: Lead Salesman. Mr. Roy has worked for A & A for over 10 years as well. Roy has held many different hats over the years and is currently our lead salesman. Roy has 5 kids and 5 grandchildren.


Mindy Allen-Townsend: Mindy is Greg’s daughter, and the manager of A & A Service Company. Mindy graduated from Indian River, and has a Degree in Business Management. She resides in Gumboro with her husband, and two children Jayce (4) and Jemma (7 months).


Bill: Bill is the service manager. Bill is originally from New York. He has an extensive background in HVAC and brings a wealth of knowledge to the service division. Bill resides in Berlin with his wife and dogs. He has 2 children.

Geothermal Crews

Familiar Faces on the Geothermal Crews!

Jimmy & Andrew run the excavator and dig the loop fields. Jimmy also does all the heat fusion of geothermal loop fields.  Jimmy has been with A & A for over 7 years and is also Greg’s brother. Andrew has been with our company for a little over 3 months.


Kyle & Tom run the flush cart and over see the installation of geothermal systems. Kyle has been with A & A for 4 years and is a native to Ocean View. Tom has been with A & A for 8 years and is a native to Selbyville and Smith Island.


Duct Crews

Our duct guys are some of the best on the shore! Below is a brief bio on everyone that you might see on your new installation!

Ian is the duct supervisor. Ian lays out all duct work and measures every home we install geothermal or conventional heating and air conditioning in. Ian has worked here for 15 years and is a tremendous asset to our company.


Kevin: Kevin has been with A & A for over 10 years as well. He runs our sheet metal shop and is one of the best sheet metal fabricators on the lower eastern shore. Not only does he bend metal in our shop but he also is in charge of all receiving and ordering of shop supplies.


Lester & Corey: Both of these fine gentlemen have been employed with our company for over 10 years. They work together to ensure all of the custom duct work systems and installed properly and with the highest level of expertise.


Manual & Juan: Both  of these gentlemen are also duct installers, focusing more on new construction homes, but are flexible under any circumstances. They both have been with our company for over 5 years.


Mikey & Jason: Both of these gentleman are also duct installers, focusing more on the new construction homes and residential retrofits, but are flexible in their HVAC background. Both of these employees have been with our company for over 7 years.

Service Technicians

As our company grows our Service Division grows as well. Mindy is proud to have some of the best heating and air conditioning technicians below is a brief bio on the Service Divisions employees.

Ron is a lead technician. Ron has been in the HVAC and geothermal business for over 20 years. He specializes in geothermal as well as all versions of heating and air conditioning. Ron lives in Georgetown with his wife and children.


Jeff is a lead technician. Jeff has been in the HVAC trade for many years. Jeff holds his masters license in HVAC in two states. Jeff lives in Lewes with his wife and 5 dogs.


Chris started with A & A  over 7 years ago as a maintenance mechanic, and he has grown into a great service technician. Chris resides in Pittsville with his wife and 3 children.


Danny started with A & A over 2 years ago as a maintenance technician. Danny attends schooling as well to advance his heating and air conditioning knowledge as well as to gain his Journeyman’s license in the trade. Danny is a native to Ellendale, DE.

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